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  • WHEELUV™ alloy wheel protector. The ultimate alloy wheel protector.

    WHEELUV™ Alloy Wheel Protector Set


    WHEELUV™ Alloy Wheel Protector Set

    Highly engineered, injection moulded wheel protectors. WHEELUV™ is a patented, cost effective and impact resistant wheel protection system that can handle a rough ride. Professional Installation is recommended so that you have the peace of mind your protectors have been installed correctly.

    After you make your purchase we’ll send you a choice of fitting locations near you or you can check our map to make your choice.


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  • WHEELUV™ Tyre change cover

    WHEELUV™ Tyre change cover

    This low cost, re-usable accessory ensures perfect tyre changes every time.

    Fitted over the wheel during the tyre change process, the Wheeluv™ Tyre Change cover reduces friction between the protector and the tyre making sure that your Wheeluv™ protectors stay firmly attached to your wheels.

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    Size information:

    Large: 20 to 22 inch wheels

    Medium: 17 to 19 inch wheels

    Small: 14 to 16 inch wheels

    Includes instructions and FREE postage to UK mainland

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