Common queries answered

Where can I get WHEELUV™?

Visit one of our partners for professional installation, or if you like a bit of DIY, visit our shop to order directly.

Will they fit my car?
  • WHEELUV™ wheel protectors are designed to fit most wheels available today between 15″ and 22″ in size.
  • For best results, it helps if the edge of the wheel has an area that is flat or rounded and at least 5mm wide. However, our alloy protectors are commonly fitted to wheels with narrower edges.
  • If you have purchased from our shop and find your WHEELUVs do not fit, you can return them within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
Will they interfere with my car's handling?

No. The thinner shape and tapered edge means there is minimal interference with your tyres when applied, and no interference to your car’s ride or handling.

Will they damage my wheels?

No. Our products are extensively tested by our team in house and by external independent quality assurance houses to ensure no damage is caused to your vehicle by our product.

Can they be fitted to diamond cut wheels?

Yes, they are perfect for diamond cut wheels.

Do they affect the inflation of the tyre?

No. Not at all.

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