Zalloys International Limited, manufacturer of WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection, has launched to the retail market a patented, superior quality and impact-resistant wheel protection system that offers motorists peace of mind against extensive alloy damage and expensive repairs.

Damage caused by road and kerb impacts leaves millions of British motorists with at least one damaged wheel per year on average. With alloy repairs costing anywhere from £50 to £150 per wheel* and replacement wheels costing as much as £1,000 each, the cost incurred by motorists during their vehicle’s lifetime can be substantial. WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection offers drivers a more cost-effective solution with a proven, superior system, with one of the fastest fitting industry-approved wheel protectors on the market.

Built to withstand the elements, WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection is industry approved and supplied to many of the world’s biggest automotive brands. WHEELUV™ has drawn on this vehicle manufacturing pedigree to now offer this premium quality product to consumers. With over 50,000 wheels protected already, reliability of the WHEELUV™ system is proven.

Backed by a one-year guarantee, the wheel protectors offer quick, easy fitting and are available in five colours: silver, black, anthracite, red and blue, priced at £139 per set. Injection moulded from impact modified polymers, they are perfectly curved to match the radius of the wheel and fit cleanly to car alloy wheels with 3M VHB adhesive tape.

WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection is compatible with most wheels and tyres, including diamond cut wheels and run flat tyres. All components have been compatibility tested to withstand fuel, oil, brake fluid, all major types of wheel cleaners, acids, bases and other workshop products to ensure colour and functionality are unaffected.

James Taqvi, managing director of Zalloys International said: “What makes WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection different is the reliability of our product. It is proven to, in many cases, lessen or prevent damage during low speed impacts with the kerb, whilst offering a discreet, factory finish that doesn’t detract from the look of the vehicle. Unlike other brands, our wheel protectors will not damage the wheel lacquer or bodywork, do not interfere with the bond between the tyre and wheel rim, so there is no risk of pressure loss, and are guaranteed not to lose colour when washed.

“WHEELUV™ Alloy Protectors not only offer a premium quality, cost-efficient product that is industry-approved but also peace of mind that repair bills of often hundreds of pounds, unsightly scuff marks and the fear of the sound of a wheel scraping against concrete are now a thing of the past.

“We offer drivers the added satisfaction of a reliable, vehicle manufacturer quality product being fitted by a professional fitter from a nationwide network of certified installation partners.”

To find your nearest WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection certified installer, go to

*Source: Crunch Time: How Much It Costs to Restore Alloy Wheels – CarFinance 247, Aug 2018

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