Is WHEELUV Alloy Protection Reliable? Testing to Destruction

Testing… One, two, three! Creating any product requires lots of investment in development and testing. When developing WHEELUV™, we created a team of experts, from people in our business who have designed and manufactured automotive accessories for many years, and leaders in their fields outside of the company. This included experts in mechanical engineering, adhesion,

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How Effective are WHEELUV Alloy Protectors at Protecting my Wheels?

If you are considering using WHEELUV Alloy Protection, you may be wondering, how effective are these adhesive protectors really are at protecting wheels? Although our protectors do protect against kerb damage, they are a sacrificial product and if they impact whilst protecting your wheels, they may need replacing. Here is a summary of what our

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Meet The WHEELUV Installers: Alloy Fix – The Leading Alloy Refurbishment Business In Essex

Since launching into the market, the network of WHEELUV Certified Partners who install our alloy protection has grown. We now have over 70 Certified Partners. In 2020, we partnered with Alloy Fix ( in Romford, Essex. They are specialists in alloy wheel refurbishment, repairing diamond cut wheels, crack repairing and straightening. They have been in

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